Children in pre-school through 2nd grade are invited to go with the leaders to Children's Church after the Children's Moment in 11:00 a.m. worship on Sundays.


Jayne Pauley, Children's Church Coordinator

Good morning Loyd family!

For those who don't like to read through an entire email: please consider serving by teaching Sunday School or Children's Church.? The sign up- sheet is here (and in our newsletter). Just type in your name, #, and email. ?


As we prepare for and welcome our new pastor, Tyler Brock, I am reminded of all the good we do in and outside of our church. I am also reminded how nurturing the children in our congregation makes me feel so ALIVE (by the way, my grown children remember Tyler, fondly, from their youth days). 

The children are such a huge part of our ministry at Loyd. Without the children and our young families we will be challenged to grow and thrive. With that said, would you prayerfully consider serving our children either by signing up to teach a Sunday School class before worship or Children's Church during worship time? Getting to know the young people in our church is always such a blessing for me! It may be for you, too. So, if you would like to serve, please click on the link below (or in the newsletter) and choose a date! There are several lessons printed out in the Christian Education office. And Pam has so many lessons saved in all of the containers on the shelves there, too.

Thank you for considering serving the children! Oh! And if you have questions or concerns about it please reach out to any one of us: Pam, Koren, Madison, Roxann, Elaine Howard, or me, Jayne! We will be happy to help you feel more comfortable serving in this way! 


PS For those who think they cannot teach kids....I promise you can be as simple as just spending time with them, read them a book, or a section from the Bible and have them tell you about it, just have a conversation with them and give them some paper to draw on, to express themselves....I promise you, these kids are awesome and they want and need us to spend time with them! YOU have so much to offer them and them to you. 

Again, thank you for even considering this!